A'mari was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica and migrated to the United States in her late teens. Currently A'mari has gain tremendous popularity and causing a buzz in the industry after composing and recording her EP entitled, Vacation".

A'mari wrote her first song, “Ghetto Child” when she was 10 years old and recorded it at age 15 at Dynamics Sounds Recording Studio. At age 17, A'mari recorded “Needing You”, another suave R&B single that she also wrote.

For many years, A'mari focused on radio broadcasting.After being hospitalized in 2013, A'mari made a pact with God to return back to her music career. A'mari composed and recorded multiple hit singles such as “Don’t Wanna Lose You”, “It’s Your World” and “Goddess” Somehow a year later, A'mari and her family met in a serious accident; everyone escaped death.

A'mari refers to this occurrence as “an intervention by God and a continuing journey towards total rebirth". A'mari then envisioned her purpose in life-to entertain and uplift her fans through her lyrics and music. She released “Rising Star”, "Adonai", "Epistles of Love" and more hit renditions.

During a brief stay in Florida, A'mari spent time among friends in the reggae/dancehall and created hip-hop renditions on dancehall beats including "Hush"," Million Bucks", "Jungle Fever", "Wet n Wild" and "Cheater Girls".

In early 2015, A'mari became the first artist to be recognized by dancehall music lovers as versatile and original. A'mari is always inspired by others; she wrote Kompa music, "I Like" after meeting people of different cultures. "Love has no barriers!" A'mari relates.

Currently A'mari is promoting her "Vacation" album throughout the world. She continues to compose songs based on experience. She is also an advocate for children raped and molested and uses every opportunities to educate the public of this stigma and how to prevent children from being sexually abused.

A'mari is pre-destined for great things. She looks forward to going on tour in the near future. A'mari's suave persona and intrinsic qualities has earned her love and admiration universally. Despite her revealing her most deepest and darkest secrets in her songs, there is something still quite mystical about A'mari's renditions.

A'mari is not just another singer; she is an emblem of love.